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Hair Loss Solutions Using
Your Own Natural Hair!

Hair loss for women or men in the Sacramento area, of any age, can be emotionally devastating and embarrassing.

Hair transplant surgery offers a potentially permanent solution to hair loss, but concerns about scarring and downtime keep many people from seeking a solution. But what if there were a solution with less discomfort, less downtime, and virtually no visible scarring?

At I Care About My Hair, we're happy to offer eligible patients a revolutionary technology called NeoGraft.

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We're not the only ones excited happy about this hair restoration solution...

Our clients leave satisfied - looking and feeling their best!

About Dr. Siddiqui

“I come from a family of doctors, I married a doctor and our daughter is a new physician. Within my family, helping improve the lives of others is an honor and privilege. With that, I believe comes a responsibility to provide the best possible care, including investing myself personally in achieving quality... View More

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